About Us

Learn about Coinplay.io, Our Mission, and Our Team

About Coinplay.io

FIND INDIE GAMES for Windows, Mac, and Linux

We work directly with indie game developers and publishers to bring you awesome games for Windows, Mac, and Linux. New games are added frequently for you to discover and enjoy.

ENTER GIVEAWAYS for chances to win Steam keys

Our giveaways are aimed to help promote our partners and give our customers chances to win Steam keys from our store. We host regular giveaways at coinplay.io/giveaways.

REDEEM YOUR GAMES and activate them on Steam

You'll be able to claim your Steam keys immediately after purchase. They'll also be available in your order history on your account.

Click here to learn how to activate your game on Steam.

About Us

Coinplay.io is a PC digital games store in partnership with game developers and publishers.
We accept payments via major credit cards, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.
Game developers and publishers receive their earnings in US Dollar or Bitcoin.
We're backed by BetaBlox.

Our Mission

Create a PC games ecosystem that brings value to gamers and game developers.

Our Team

Shane Park

Kansas City
Co-founder and CEO

Shane co-founded Coinplay.io in 2014 and currently serves as Chief Executive Officer. His background includes an education and professional experience in accounting, and experience in mobile games development, advertising, and social media marketing. Shane is an alumnus of BetaBlox, a Kansas-City based startup incubator.

Amber Johnson

Saint Paul
Games Manager

Amber joined Coinplay.io in 2014 and serves as the Games Manager, overseeing game developer acquisition, product sales, and marketing strategy. She's a lifelong entrepreneur and gaming industry expert. Nearly all of Coinplay.io's product catalog today was acquired by Amber.

Chris Hendry

Lead Developer

Chris joined Coinplay.io in 2015 and serves as the Lead Developer, overseeing platform development, security architecture, and user experience design. Chris is a full stack web developer with a Bachelors in Computer Information Systems and a decade of coding experience.